So ready for camping

The image I shared here is the one I took when the girls are about to leave for their school camping.  I am glad that Ella remembers what I said the night before to wake me up because I will take a picture of them before they will leave.  It is not too late for me because I was able to take a photo of the girls wearing their  girls scout camping uniforms.  I am envious because during my days, I was not able to wear these uniforms. haha!

For the first time the niece is not sleeping with us.  I missed her even if it is for a night.  I am worried if she eats her dinner yet, she is well, and sje sleeps well.  Anyways, the three days camping of the girls was a success, they went home with so much to share.  It is like a never-ending story so to speak.  I am glad that they are having fun, they learned new things and meet new friends.   am actually smiling while these two are sharing to me their experiences.  Since it is their first time, they are so excited to share the things that they learned at school camping.  In fact, they are so excited for the next school camping.  When? maybe next year. haha!

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