Niece’s art project

I have two nieces who does very well at school.  Among the two, it is the younger one (Ella)who is seldom share to us her achievements everyday.  I can tell she is a shy type.  Far different from her older sister who always shares to us her tests results, projects, quizzes and other school activities.  Her older sister does challenge her by showing to us that she doing good at her class.  Well, the older one (Ronna) does competes to her sister.  Funny is that, her sister does bot take her challenge seriously.  Ella has different way of making us proud.  She is taking it lightly and enjoying her studies.  No pressure, so to speak.

One afternoon after they arrived from school, Ella went to our room.  I  thought she is sleeping.  But when I entered the room, I saw these two art projects posted on the wall.  She is showing to us her project.  It is nicely and neatly done.  With the very good remarks, I can say that she is proud of her work.  Ella is less shy I can tell.  Keep up the good works Ella, you really makes us all proud.  Be good always because you’re becoming a stubborn little girl.  haha!

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