Already know how to go home

Because the school where the nieces are studying is very far from our home, we do not let the girls go home on their own.  We are afraid that they might be lost or someone might kidnapped them.  It has been rumored here in the country about the group of people who ride in a private van and kidnapped younger ones preferably girls.  Just thinking about it scares us a lot that is why we did not allow the kids to go home on their own after classes.  Even if the sister is always complaining and nagging because she go home with the kids, we do not mind her.

A week ago, the nine years old niece told us that she and her younger sister can go home on their own because she knows how to go home.  At first we are hesitant because of the scary feeling that something might happen however, we have to do it because the niece needs to learn on her own.  Also it will help them to boost their self-confidence.  All we have to do is to pray for them always that nothing harm will happen to them when they are on their way home.  We are happy that the nieces arrived home safely the first day they go home on their own.  I can tell that she really knows how to ride public vehicle to reach home.  They have done it for two weeks now.  They are doing good so to speak.  We always pray for their safety always.

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