One of my high school dreams

Back when I was in high school, there are lots of groups and organizations that I wanted to be part of.  I have tried one of those and I was lucky to be chosen as one of the high school choir.  Never in my wildest dream that I be part of the group.  I was just accompanying a friend who wanted to join the group, and accidentally I became  member.  Though I was not a permanent member but I did once take part when the school choir invited to do in the school program. As they say that high school life is the best life as teenager.  I can tell that is it true because I did able to meet one of my high school dreams which is to be part of any school groups or organization like school choir.  Every time we practice, the instructor/teacher uses drumsticks to get our attention.  Also, he sometimes hits the drum that he brought to get the tune he wants.  Unusual but it was a nice one because he makes the practice session more lively.

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