Shopping for the sister

The sister will give birth to her second baby in four months time.  While waiting for the big day, the sister is busy buying things for the baby and things she will need for herself.  Aside from buying things like clothes for the baby, the sister is also buying maternity clothes for herself.  She is gaining more weight each week and she is afraid that the old maternity clothes she has during her first pregnancy will not fitted to her anymore.  Every time the sister go shopping, I always go with her to help her carry the things she bought since her husband is busy.  It is tiring but fun picking little clothes for the baby and fashionable maternity dresses for the sister.

The prices of the maternity dresses and things for the baby is a bit high compared to the time when we shopped during her first pregnancy.  It is pain in the pocket I  must say but we do not have any choice since almost all the prices of the basic commodities are increasing.  Shopping today is very much difficult because of the increasing prices.  If we could get current coupon codes, it would be better because we can use it to get good deals of the items we are going to buy.  In this time of season where prices are going up, coupon codes would be a big help for us consumers to at lest get a discount from the item, products, or goods that we are buying in stores.  The sister and I are not yet done shopping things she needed for the baby, we will for sure get coupon codes to get good deals.

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