One week semestral break

When I was in my elementary years, I do not think we have semestral break.  In ten months of schooling in a year, we do have breaks only on special holidays and Christmas break.  I remember, only the college students has semestral break.  But now, elementary, high school and college does have one week off from school.  One week of rest gives the students relax, rest, breath and enjoy the life outside the school.  Free from studying their lessons, do homework, read their notes, and wake up early.  Also, the teachers can take a break from doing their lesson plan and other school paper works.  Though the teacher still does these stuffs even if they have break.  This is what I have seen from the sister who is a teacher.  Her job/life as a teacher continues at home.

Anyways, since the kids has semestral break starting today I have made my list of the chores they can do.  The chores that fits to their age.  I am not taking the advantage while they are at home, I just wanted the kids to learn household chores too.  It is an early training  I must say  The same thing my late mother taught us when we were young.  It does helps a lot because it made us responsible one.  I wanted the kids to be responsible human beings that is why I am trying my best to teach them.  Their parents are both working so no one but me will do the teaching.  I do hope they will learn and will appreciate my efforts.  They have still time to play though.

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  1. Nancy says:

    with semestral break comes a handful of badlungon. dili nako ma solo akong computer kay daghan gusto mo extra, hehe.

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