My morning alarm

I always sleep late because of the job I got online.  Well, night is the only time I have to do my work online because at daytime the kids makes me busy.  I cannot concentrate doing my online tasks because I have to watch the kids.  It requires my attention especially now that they like to fight.  The nephews ages one and three years old.  The ages where they need full attention.  They hands are more busy and minds are more curious.  So, I need to watch them fully.  Since I sleep late, I woke up late as well.  And the kids are my alarm.  haha!

The nephews are the one who wake me up almost everyday.  They woke me up by calling my name or ride on my tummy.  They are playful, so woke me up riding on my tummy.  At first I get mad, but they are kids so when they woke me up that way, I just smiled.  These little fella that makes me day busy and meaningful.  Tiring but I enjoyed the time spent with them.  Anyways, my morning alarm  woke me up at eight in the morning.  And my day starts.  Take them a bath and feed them breakfast.  Turn on the television and let them watch their favorite cartoon shows.  When they are settled, time for me to do my online stuffs.

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