Loves to sing the Alphabet

After few times of patiently teaching the three years old nephew, he can now sings the alphabet alone.  Woohoo!  He is a fast learner I must say even if he is not listening attentively.  Every time I have the time to be with him, I take the chance to teach him the alphabet and the number.  I know he is just three years old and teaching him would take lots of time, efforts and patience, I did not give up.  I am just allowing him to do what he likes to do while teaching him.  He is not paying 100% attention, however, he is able to memorize the alphabet.  I am amazed because he can now sing it alone and he loves it.  Although, it is not clear yet because he is just three years old at least he knows a bit already.

I am so proud of the nephew’s improvement.  He learned really fast because his mother and two sisters are teaching him too.  We will continue teaching him but not pressuring him because he is still a kid and loves to play most of the time.  He is a playful kid, well all kids are but the nephew is the kind of kid that would do his stuffs no matter what.  You cannot forced him to do what you want him to do because at a very young age, he persistent!  I guess all the young ones of this new generation are.  Anyways, I am so happy of the nephew’s development, I can now tell that he is ready to do to school.  next stop would be teaching him to write his name on the paper.

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