Cars: The nephew’s favorite movie to watch

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The sister bought several dvd  disc for her son to watch when he gets bored playing with his toys.  After watching twice the nephew, it has becomes his favorite.  He is watching it like 10 times a day.  Yes, this is how the nephew addicted to this movie.  And McQueen is his favorite.  The nephew starts and ends his day watching this movie.  The worse is that, the nephew wants me to sit beside him while he is watching the movie.  arghs!  I do not have a choice because he cries when I don’t sit beside him.  Oh well, kids are kids.

Watching the same movie many times in a day makes me sick.  It would be better if the movie is love story. haha!  Which is impossible.  I blamed the sister for buying this  dvd disc.  Bad me, eh?  I do like this movie but watching this more than twice in a day is a different story.  Even if this movie makes me sick, there i still an advantage.  Because of this movie, the kids don’t go outside much.  They prefer to stay at home and watch this movie.  Which is a good thing.

What about you? What movie does your kids loves to watch?

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