Once I am a sales attendant

One of the memorable experienced I had in my college days was when I was a working student.  Yes, I work part-time to help father in my expenses at school.  It was a good experienced for me because I am able to understand how to budget my money and how to value it.  Also, I am able to buy school projects and my needs at school without asking my father.  Anyways, I work at the shoe store as sales attendant.   The store sells kinds of shoes like high-heeled, flat shoes, rubber shoes for men and women, flip-flops and nurses shoes.  The job helps me a lot in financial problems at school.  Although it is very tiring, I was happy back then and treasured that experience.  Being a sales attendant allows me to meet people from different walks of life.  Which is a good one because it widens my understanding in life and people.

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  1. Pinx says:

    nag sales attendant diay ka sa una gen. ako part timer ko sa jollibee.

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