Showing her weekly test results

The niece does not share her quizzes and weekly test results whether she gets high or low score.  It is not her cup of tea.  She is more of a silent type compared to her older sister.  Because of she is shy; we seldom see her achievements at school each day.  She preferred to keep it to her than to show to us.  She only show to us her scores/results in test and quizzes when she is asked.  Although we know that she is doing great in her class, we still want her to show to us for her to develop self-confidence and to overcome the shyness attitude.  Being shy does not help her in enhancing self-confidence.   We want her to come out from the shell.  We know that she is still young, however, it is best to show it while she is young so that when she grows older, the feeling of being so shy will be gone.  And she can easily communicate to others without the feeling of being shy.

I guess, our wish was heard because for the first time the niece showed to us her weekly test results.  She is smiling handing the test papers to her father.  Looking at her smiling, I know that she got good score.  I was right!  She does not have perfect score but having less than five mistakes is a great achievement.  Congratulations niece.  You did well.  I hope to see a perfect score next time.

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