Nice investment to make

Buying the things that we wanted like gadgets, shoes, bags, clothes, jewelries, and many others is one way of pampering ourselves and investing things for ourselves.  It is like giving ourselves a wonderful gift after working so hard.  It is a sort of rewarding ourselves.  However, among those investments that I have mentioned above jewelries is the wisest investment.  This is because when you are in emergency case, you can easily pawn it to get money.  That is why the father invests more in buying jewelries like necklace.  Just recently he bought a necklace.  The necklace is so nice and so perfect for lady like me  haha!  The problem is that it does not have pendant.  I wanted to wear it, or perhaps ask the father to give to me.  If the father will say yes, I would like to buy slane bee pendant to make the necklace stands out.  I do hope that the father will give it to me.  I have to use my charm again just like what I used when I asked him to give me one of his jewelries investments.  I am crossing my fingers.

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