Drawing notebook for the nephews

Doing the same things every day is boring, especially to the kids who get easily bored even though they have lots of toys in front of them.  Their curious and adventurous minds are always looking for something that is new to them.  I understand and just let them to the things that they like even if it is so messy.  It is best to just let them the things they what for them to discover new things.  Lately, they are more into looking at the books of their older sisters.  They like to look at the pictures on the books.  In fairness to them they recognize some images on the books but the problem is they know the local terms.

Learning at early stage is a good training so that when the time comes that they will be entering school, they are more ready.  Not that they like to look at the images on the books, I guess it is best for them to start drawing.  I give them pencil and paper for them to draw what they like.  Though I only see curve lines and other lines that I don’t understand, at least they know how to stroke a pen.  Last night the SIL brought a drawing notebook for the two nephews.  I am glad because they have notebooks to use instead of paper/bond paper.  Good luck to the two little boys.  Soon they will know how to draw image/s.

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