The New Me

Are you confused? Oh no, don’t be because you are not redirected to different blog site.  You are not lost either.  I just have the new look.  Finally, I am dressed up beautifully.  After more than a year, my owner decided to change my look.  This is the new me.  Like it?  I hope you do because I do like the new me very much.  Woohoo!

Anyways, this theme was made by my favorite layout artist Rhyanne.  I joined on her giveaway and luckily I am one of the lucky winners.  My lucky charm is still here I must say. I have thought of changing the theme/layout of this blog but does not have the extra yet.  But when Rhyanne invited me to join on her giveaway and saw that she will be giving away free theme for the lucky winners, I give it a try hoping that I will be one of the lucky winners.  Lucky enough because I got picked as one of the winners.

Thanks Rhyanne for this beautiful theme.

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One Response to “The New Me”

  1. Hyanne says:

    You are welcome and thank you too sis, Congrats ulit, you are lucky indeed! 🙂

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