Helping her in her diary project

The niece has diary project and she is bugging me always, one thing that I do not like her to do to me.  It’s not that I do not want to help her; just that I do want her to seek for her mother’s helped.  By doing it together will create good bonding between the two of them since her mother is so busy at work.  But unfortunately, her mother doesn’t have the time to help her daughter.  She just said that her daughter can to it on her own.  I know that the niece can do it, but her vocabulary is not that wide.  She needs some help because her diary should be written in English.

 I do not like when the SIL does not help her kids on their project because it makes me think she doesn’t care at all.  Well, she is not a hand on man when it comes to studies.  Maybe because she is busy and also thinks that the sister and I are her to assist the niece.  Because she did not help her daughter, I do not have any choice but to help the niece.  It makes me mad at first, but after hearing her English and the way she writes, it made me smile because the niece is trying her very best.  Long way to go for this little girl, but she is doing pretty well.

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