Returning their books

In public schools, they provided books for the students to read.  The students are allowed to bring it at home for the year, but they have to take good care of the books to avoid penalty.  Before they can get the books, they were told to bring plastic cover to cover the books they are going to be borrowed.  This is what my nieces did when the classes started.  They have been using the books for 10 months already.  Now that the 2012-2013 school is ended, it is time to return the books they borrowed.   But before returning the books, the nieces have to check if the books are complete and not damage so the teacher will accept it and sign their clearance.

The cover of some books they borrowed has torn, so they have to fix it using scotch tape and cover it again with plastic cover to make it look good.    The girls are done fixing the books they borrowed and are now ready to return it.   One week before the classes end, the niece will no longer have heavy bags to carry at school.  Even though they are done with their final exams, still they have to go to school for completion of the attendance.

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