Refuses the offer

After learning that the nanny is leaving, the sister is thinking of a way to make her stay.  And the best thing that the sister thinks is to offer the nanny is the college education.  It is a nice offer too since her parents can’t send her to school because of their situation.  When the sister told her about it, she smiled and said she will think about it.  She gave an answer after two days of thinking.  We are happy that she said yes to the offer.  She said, her mother wants her to finish college since they cannot afford to send her to college.

The sister is getting information of the schools that offer Sunday school.  She wants to settle things so that the nanny can take the college entrance exam.  We thought all is fine, until one day the nanny told the sister that she will not go to college.  She wanted to go home and be with her family.  She refuses the offer so to speak.  She let the opportunity slips away.  It was very sad news to us but it is her decision.  She chooses to be with her family than to finish college.  I guess she forgot to realize that education is the best treasure a person could ever had, because it is the weapon that will bring a person to a better and successful life.  We just wish her the best in life.

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