Attending a bible study

Here in the village, there is religious sector that invites kids to attend their summer bible study class.  My nieces told me about it, but I did not allow them to attend.  I am not against it, just that I do not want the kids to get confuse of what they believe in.  Also, I am scared that the kids will get influenced by their beliefs.  Even though I did not allow them to go, still the nieces attended the bible study class because their friends were there.  I get mad because they did not listen.  I told them to stop attending the bible study.

I am alarmed when one of the nieces asked me about the end of the world.  “Where did you get that idea?”  This is the question that first comes out in my mouth after hearing what the niece’s told me.  The niece’s told me that their friend asking them the same question.  I want my niece’s to not be confuse so I just explain to them my views and opinion about it.  I hope I did give the good explanation.  After few days of attending the bible study class, I told the girls to stop attending.  If they will still go, they won’t like what I am going to do.  Well, I am saying it just it scare them.

Have you attended bible study before from other religious sector?  Does it affect your beliefs?

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