The girls made it

Two months ago when the nieces took an examination at school to qualify to be in the first section.  We want them to be in the first section because it is challenging and the competition between students is very tight.  The younger niece did not able to make it last school year.  I hope she will make it this year last like her older sister.  We have been waiting for the results for two months now.   The good news was burst out by my sister when she told us that the girls did make it to be in the first section. Woohoo!

It was indeed good news to the family especially to their parents that they passed the examination to qualify to be in first section.  Because of this good news, new rules have been implemented for the kids.  One is the, less play more study especially on school days.  Not like last school year, I’ll be stricter now when it comes to studying their lessons.  They are not allowed to stay outside unless they are not done doing their school assignments and studying their lessons.  Getting higher grades and be an honor students is number one goal this year.  The girls did make it two years in a row, and I wish they still have it this year.  Congratulations girls!

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