Buying thier school requirements

After church the kids are so ready to go to the mall to buy their school requirements.   Two days ago, they are sad because they are not ready to go back to school yet and now they are excited.  It is really true that when the kids see new things for them, they are so excited.  They are smiling carrying their new bags, putting their new notebooks, pen, pencil, crayons and other school requirements.  They are so ready to go back to school now.  Go back to sleep and wake up early.  Their shoes and school uniforms are also ready.  This is it for the girls I must say.

Once again, I reminded them the rules that I am going to implement starting tomorrow.  They seem not like it, but they do not have any choice because I am the law. Haha!  Well, I am doing it for them of course.  I want them to spend more time studying on weekdays more.  They can still play but only on weekends.  Besides they have played enough for the last two months.  It is time to study and learning new lessons at school.  The house would be a bit quiet now because the girls will be at school.

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