Made their job easy

The brother-in-law and my brother are overhauling the motorcycle so that when classes start, it is in good condition to fetch commuters in the village especially the students. It is used for business that is why it has to be in good condition always. The sister spent much to buy the parts needed, so the motorcycle would be as good as new. Their job made easy because of the strong grip handles that they are using to tighten the volts, and other parts especially those tiny parts. Good thing the brother-in-law does have tools already since his college, so the sister does not need to buy tools anymore. Indeed it is best to have your own tools so when you are going to fix things at home; you can do it alone and do not have to worry of where to borrow it. I thought of buying important tools too so when the brother will fix something, we do not need to borrow tools from brother-in-law.

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