Enjoying his first book

Even though the nephew is two years old, his mother wants her to starts learning.  She wants her son to know how to read, recognize colors, number and alphabet at early age so when he is about to go to school, the nephew is very much ready.  It is best to teach the kids early so when he starts schooling, the teacher won’t have a hard time teaching them.  This is the reason the sister bought a reading book and coloring book for the nephew.  Seeing the books that his mother bought for him makes the nephew smile as if he knows how to read.  The nephew already has crayons so coloring the book would be more fun.

This week, the nephew is practicing how to apply colors to the coloring book.  He is having fun with his older cousin.  Looks like they are just playing and it is so cute.  I have to be with them to make sure they won’t tear the book just like what they did to the old books that we have.  After coloring the images on the coloring book, I will teach the nephew/s to recognize number and alphabet.  Long way to go but I am pretty sure teaching them would be easy since the boys are cooperative and are willing to learn.  They are very much excited to learn I can tell.

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