Reading with comprehension

As I have said in my earlier posts, the nieces are belongs to the first section at school where the fast learner students are.  It was a big challenge to them because their ability and intelligent will be tested of how good they are.  Though they are not obliged to be good students or the top students always, at least they know things especially how to read and understanding what they are reading.  “Knowing how to read it not enough if you do not understand what you are reading”, this is the line that I always remember the first I heard it from my teacher.

Because the students are having hard time in understanding what they are reading, schools are conducting Reading and Comprehension Test.   And the niece is having this test last week.  She was nervous of course because she fears if she will not be able to answer the teacher’s question/s after she finished reading.  In preparation, she reads a lot and check on the dictionary if she doesn’t understand the word she is reading.  I can tell that the niece mean business on this.  She wants to do good and ready for this test.  I believed in her and I wish the niece good luck!

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