Missed watching documentary shows

I love to watch documentary shows before.  I can say that it’s my favorite shows to watch aside from the drama series that I watch on local channels.  The only problem is that documentary shows are aired very late.  It makes me up late but it is worth it because documentary shows are very nice and informative shows to watch.  It is worth it I must say.  I used to watch with my sister, but when the sister got married I have no one to accompany me watching documentary shows.  I still watched documentary shows but only when I have time because I am getting older and staying up late is not good for my health.

Lately, I am hooked up in watching Korean drama series.  I do not watch any documentary shows anymore.  I so missed watching documentary shows, but I can’t help it.  I am so hooked with Korean drama.  Maybe because the story is different from the usual story that I have watched in local channels, also the actors and actresses are really good looking.  I will for sure go back watching documentary shows soon, but for now I take my time watching Korean drama.  I still watch documentary shows once in a while, just like now.  I am writing while watching documentary show.

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