Home Schooling

We have been teaching the nephew in counting numbers and memorizing the alphabet last year so he is ready for the next school year.  It is because we are thinking of enrolling him to nursery class this year. But we are not able to enroll him because the morning season class is already closed.  We thought of enrolling him to afternoon session but decided not too because the nephew needs to take his afternoon nap.  We know schooling is important that the afternoon nap, but the nephew really needs it since he is only three years old.  We will just enroll him next year.

Since the nephew did not able to enroll in nursery class, we opted to continue teaching him at home.  He will learning basics at home and I and his parents will be his teachers.  Awesome, because he will be having three teachers to teach him counting numbers, memorizing the alphabet, recognizing shapes and colors.  The home will be the nephew’s school this year.  It was very hard teaching him because we have to think of strategies to get the nephew’s attention.  We have tried different strategies and thankful that the nephew listened.  He now knows how to count numbers from 1-10, reciting the alphabet and recognizing colors.  Our next lesson would be recognizing shapes.  Soon the nephew will be so ready to go to school for real.

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