Checking my list

Two more months and December will be here.  The times were people are so busy buying here and there.  Also the city and the malls/supermarkets would be so busy.  Just like what I did two years ago, I would be doing again early Christmas shopping to avoid panicking and the crowd.  I already have my Christmas wish list, but it is not yet finalize.  I have lots of things that I wanted to buy however I will just pick the ones that is more important and needed.  As usual, my wants would be the last on my list.  Family comes first.

Now that I have my list already, I am checking it again before deciding what to buy.  Seeing my list makes me want to cry because I would be cutting the list into half or maybe more.  First thing that I would do is to buy one item first for each member of the family.  The question is what item I would going to buy because the items on my list are their favorites.  I want to surprise them but I guess it is not possible since I want to buy the stuffs that they want.  I might ask them of what they would like to receive this Christmas.

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