I like it after fitted it, but I have to wait for the right time

When the sister went to the mall to buy feeding bottle for her sons, I go with her because I want to do window shopping.  While the sister is busy picking the feeding bottle, I told the sister that I will be going to the ladies wear.  I wanted to buy something for myself this Christmas.  So, I am doing early window shopping.  But if I really like what I saw, I might end up buying it right away.  I am an impulsive buyer, the thing that my older doesn’t want.  She wants me to think thousand times, if I really like it and if it is necessary.

Anyway, since I am into shorts this time I went to look for nice shorts.  Fortunately, I saw shorts that I really like.  I have fitted it and I like it even more.  I waited for the sister to finish buying feeding bottle before telling her what I like.  I want to buy it right there and then, however, I have to ask the sister’s views first.  After showing it to her, she likes it as well.  But she told me to wait for the right time.  Since I already have three shorts in my closet, she wants me to think it harder if I really need it.  She prefers to buy pants/jeans because I can wear it at church.  My sister has a point though.  If I have extra, I will for sure buy the shorts because it is really nice and fits on me well.

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