My blue sling bag

 photo e0ee8a73-37e9-4d6f-830d-81cccff2dbc0_zpsed6394f1.jpgAfter I gave my old sling bag to my cousin, adding item will be added in my Christmas list.  I am glad that I gave my old sling bag because it means I will be having new sling bag.  I have been wanted to buy new bag for myself, but did not able to do it because I still have a sling bag that I can use every time I go out.  Buying new bag when I still have a bag that I can use is not sensible I guess.  So, when the cousin asked for it, I give it right away without second thought.

Anyways, two weeks ago, I went to mall with my brother and his family.  While they are looking for things to buy for their kids, I went to bag section and looking for sling bag.  My plan is to just do window shopping since I do not have extra to buy a bag.  However, when I saw the pretty blue sling bag on display I fell in love with it.  I cannot wait for Christmas to have it.  I am afraid it will be out of stock by then because it is on sale.  The price is almost half the original price.  I thought it would be best to buy it at that time because it is on sale.  I asked the brother if he could lend me money so I can buy the blue sling bag.  Because the brother has extra, I went home with new sling bag.  See the image of my blue sling bag.

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  1. Mona says:

    nice one girl, like the color 🙂

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