Replacement to my broken earbuds

Few days ago the earbuds of my cell phone is no longer working. I feel sad because I cannot buy the same quality and original one from the store where I bought my cell phone. I have been to stores in the city where sells gadgets, earbuds, headset, and the likes but I can’t find the one that is of good quality. Till now I haven’t buy earbuds. I can’t listen to FM stations through my phones because it needs earbuds for me to be able to listen. I patiently look for one online since I cannot find in the nearby malls, shops and stores. My patience is well paid off because I saw sony earbuds at musicians friend. Woohoo! I finally found the one that I like. Good quality, nice and has variety of colors so I can pick the color that I want that fits to my white cell phone. This earbuds would be the replacement to my broken one

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