50% Discount on Toys

During Christmas Season, there are lots of good deals, offers, sales, discounts on the malls and supermarket. People are waiting for these deals so they can purchase presents and other Christmas stuffs with a discount and lesser price. I and my sister are one of those shoppers who is waiting for this good opportunity. This month, the malls and supermarket here in the city will be having four midnight sales. They are offering up to 50% discounts on selected items and the rest are on 20% discounts. The sister is thinking of buying toys as a giveaway for her son’s 3rd birthday. Also, is looking a nice toys for her two sons.

While at the mall, we saw a store that offers 50% discounts and buy-1-take-1 one selected items. Even if it is not part of our agenda to buy toys on that day, however, after seeing the good deals, we can’t just let it pass. We set aside the plan on the day and opted to buy the toys for her boys. I also, took the chance to buy some toys for my nephews and nieces. Good thing we have extra on the day, we did able to buy all the stuffs that are needed for the 3rd birthday celebration of the nephew. Shopping during Christmas is indeed great because of the awesome deals and discounts.

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