Bought shirt and pants with discount

 photo presents_zps6b264c3a.pngI got the chance to go to the mall last weekend to buy the present for myself.  It took me hours because the pants that I so wanted to have last Christmas is no longer available.  I felt really bad about it.  I have to look for other pants to buy.   Because I do not like the pants that are on display, I opted to go other mall.  I did try fitting some pants because decided to go to other mall.  As usual, the sister didn’t like it because it took me more than an hour before telling her to go to other mall.  I am used to it, so I just listen to

The image I shared above is the pants and the shirt that I bought from the money that my friend gave to me as birthday present.  Since the color of this year is pink, I pick color pink shirt.  It is nice because it has heart design on the left side.  Perfect to wear for the Valentine’s Day.  The brand of the pants is not what I really like, however the design and the style of the pants is the same as the one that I like but no longer available.  Aside from that, the pants is 20 % off, so I grabbed it.  Also, the shirt has 10% off.  It was a good decision to go to other mall because there is better sale there.

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