New Sets of Underwear

I have read in a magazine before that we should have to replace or buy new set of underwear every three months.  It says that it is the right thing to do for hygienic purposes.  Since then, it has been a routine for me to buy new set of underwear.  I do not do this before.  I will only buy underwear when I do not feel like using it or when the underwear is on the resigning stage.  Maybe because my mother is not around to tell me the right thing when I was growing up because she passed away early.  And my father doesn’t know much about the girl thing.

I am glad I like to read and I learned lots from reading.  A week ago, I have bought new sets of underwear.   I only pick colored pink underwear before, now I am kind bored of having one color only, so I pick dark colored, flowerets and skin tone underwear.  I like looking at the closet where my underwear’s are because I can see different colors.  As usual I pick the same brand because I like the fitting plus I get 25% discount from the dealer.  Buying with the discount is really great deal I must say.

Do you buy new set of underwear every three months?  What color and design do you prefer?

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