Did not fit at all

The eldest of the sister is getting bigger.  His old shoes do not fit to him at all.  The sister thought of buying him a new of shoes.  We have been looking for shoes in the department store but she doesn’t like the design and the color.  She wants a kind of shoes that can be wearing in any occasion just like the old one when the nephew turns two years old.  Also, the sister wants shoes that are budget friendly.  It is really difficult to find a nice and of good quality at a cheaper price.  If only I have extra I would give some to my sister.

Her co-teacher offered to her the old shoes of her son.  Her son is four years old and it does not fit to him anymore.  She wants to sell it at lower price.  From the brand itself I can tell that it is of good quality and the design is nice.  The shoes that the sister is looking for I must say.  The sister brought the shoes from her work to try to fit it to her three year old son.  Unfortunately, the shoes are too short for the nephew.  We felt sad because we like the shoes, the color, the design and the brand.  She does not have any choice but to return it back because it did not fit to her son at all.

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