Looking a phone for the niece

My motivation for the kids when the classes started last June 2013, if they will do well at school and finished with honors I will buy them cellphone/mobile phone.  This is to encourage them do study more and do well in their classes.  It is a big challenge for them since they really like to have their phone.  Every grading period, I always check their grades to know if they really into the challenge.  They are a not studious kid and so I challenged them with this award from me if they finished with honors.  And they are up for this challenge.

I wasn’t expecting for the nieces to be one of the honor students because her examinations results is really low.  However, three days before their recognition day, I was told by the niece ( Ella) that she is part of the honor students.  I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting it.  This means one thing, I have to buy phone for her.  She did well, and so she deserves an award.  I need to find a phone for her as a reward.  Good thing the mall wide sale is up until April 16, 2014, extended deals for the Araw ng Davao celebration (Fiesta of Davao City).  I can still get a discount when I purchase.  Thanks to the mall wide sale.

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