My green cover-up

 photo d31bcd46-69b3-4d30-b3cc-373fc154101a_zpse2fb7a81.jpgIt was a challenge between my friend and me to wear two-piece (short and a bra) at the beach. I am a bit nervous and pressured because it is my first time plus I am going to show my tummy belly. And I am pretty sure my father would react. Lol! I do not have enough confidence walking on the beach wearing only short and a bra, so I need to have cover-up. Cover-up is a see-through dress/top. I have seen different cover-ups on the mall but the prices are not so friendly. I do not like buying an expensive one because to me it is not sensible. Also, the cover-ups that I have seen are bath throb style, and I do not like it.

I went to department store, goodwill store and thrifty store. I compared those prices before buying cover-up if the styles are the same. But I need to find unique design first. Among those stores that I went to, I found the one that I like at goodwill store. The price is less compared to the one I like at the mall. Plus I can use the cover-up on different occasion. I just have to wear a tube type dress then I can go to mall or park. I am tired looking for cover-up but it is worth it! Goodwill store is the best store for me when I am on a tight budget.

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