School requirements are done

All of the malls and department store last Sunday was so busy. It is because shoppers/consumers are buying the school uniforms and school requirements for their kids/students. We are one of those shoppers. Yes, I went to the mall with my sister and her family last Sunday. She was buying the things for her three year old son who is now a student. The nephew was enrolled in the project hope in our village. The sister wants her son to go to school, learn at school and be with other kids to prepare him for kindergarten. We are a bit worried of what would be his performance/attitude at school because he is still very young; however, we can see in him that he likes it. Maybe because of his cousins.

Anyways, the life at the malls last Sunday isn’t good. The school supplies area is the busiest. I can say that the people are like panic buying because the classes start the following day. The displays are disordered. It will take time to find the supplies we are looking for. But it is still fun. I remember the days when I am buying stuffs for myself because my mother is not around to do it for us.   The lines at the cashiers are very long. It will take time and patience. We are glad that we are done buying the school requirements for the nephews and nieces. They are ready for school.

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