Menu for fiesta celebration

Two weeks from now, the village where we live will be celebrating the annual fiesta. We are inviting neighbors, friends and relatives during this day.  We have done it for more than a decade now. This day is like a reunion with the relatives and friends. Though not everyone invited are coming, still the day is memorable one.  During this time, the brother and I are the in-charge for the food preparations. We are partners when it comes to this matter.  I am just an assistant to the brother since I am not a good cook.  Oh, also I am the one who will get to taste the foods that the brother is cooking. Tough job for me. haha!

Just like in the past, I am the one who will prepare the menu.  I make a list of the foods to prepare on the fiesta and give it to my brother.  He will do the rest then.  I will help him and prepare spoon for the tasting job. whew!  Choosing for the foods to prepare this year is a bit difficult because I wanted new recipes.  Not like the usual foods that we prepare.  I have to double my time selecting the recipes so we can slowly shop for the ingredients needed. Also, I do not like rush shopping.

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