Half rice policy

I was watching the news with my father when I heard the half rice policy. It says that eatery and some restaurant will implement half rice policy because some customers leftovers. They do not eat all the foods they ordered. It is wasted. And to avoid this, the half rice policy is the solution. It is kind of funny to me because half rice is too little for me. When I go out and eat outside, I always ordered two cup rice. Lol   And I finished what I have ordered because not all are fortunate enough to eat three meals in a day.

Few days ago, the kids and I went to the nearest fast food after fetching them at school to have our lunch. I am shocked because the half rice they have on the value meal. I even asked the attendant why the rice is too little. They said that it is half. Then I realized maybe the half rice policy was implemented. It was nice though because I am able to control eating rice. Good way to lose weight too. Haha! I am glad because I ate less rice.

Have you heard about this half rice policy? Is this really implemented?

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