Tiring but worth it

Last Sunday I went to the mall to buy new plastic cover for our dining table. I went to three different department stores to look for a cheaper one. It was tiring but it was a good once because I am able to unwind and spend time at three department stores alone. It is lonely to shop alone, but it is a good one because bringing nieces with me means expenses. They are the most demanding companion I must say. I used to bring them with me because I do not want to go alone, but not anymore especially if I do not have extra.

I am roaming to three different department stores, and on the third store I finally bought the cheaper plastic table cover. The last department store that I went to sells cheaper table cover. I am able to save 50 pesos. Though going to different stores is tiring because of the distance, it is worth it because I am able to buy cheaper one. The next time I am going to buy stuffs in the kitchen, I know now which store to go that sells lesser price. After buying the plastic cover for our dining table, I do window shopping and almost tempt to buy new tops. I am glad I am able to brace myself.

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