Christmas wish list

Christmas is fast approaching. Unlikely last year, I only have one on my Christmas wish list and that is to have myself checked. It is my top priority I must say. I think this is the best thing to put on my Christmas list this time since I am not feeling really well these past few weeks. I do not have the courage to go to the doctor yet because I am scared to know if I am sick. Instead of spending buying stuffs for me and buying gifts for love ones, it is best to take good care of my health. Because health is wealth, right?

I have thought though of giving simple presents for the family this Christmas and will start buying after my check-up. I have things on my mind already but haven’t written it down in my wish list yet. I have to wait after the check-up for me to budget everything and will decide what to buy. I have to be thrifty of spending my money this time because we do not know when we need it for emergency. I have to hold myself not to get tempt with the entire sale in the malls this Christmas.

What about you? Have you started listing things on your Christmas wish list? What is your top priority?

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