Tips for finding right backpacks

My nieces are ages 9 and 11 years old. They are in grade 4 and 6 respectively and suffering from back pain. They are carrying heavy load of backpacks every day. The eight books, notebooks and other school things inside their backpacks gives the back pain to nieces. In the morning it is their father who carried their bags to school, and they will be carrying it the whole day at school and going home. Even if we bought lighter backpacks for them, still it doesn’t help lighter their loaded bags. If only there are lockers for every student at public schools, they do not have to carry the books every day.

The nieces would be suffering from this back pain for five more months. I pity the girls carrying heavy bags every day. Five months is not a joke. The brother is thought of buying his girls new backpacks. Looking for backpacks that is best for the girls is not easy. But with the help of tips I read in the computer, looking for backpacks is easy. Read the tips below:

  • Look for a bag with waist or chest straps, which would help distribute loads.
  • Make sure it has wide padded straps.
  • Tighten shoulder straps so the bag’s weight sits on the lower back.
  • Look out for lightweight backpacks.

I do hope with these tips, the girls won’t be suffering much of back pains.

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