Reviving the younger hair

Our crowning glory age, as we age. We will notice the changing in color, texture and density. Whether we admit it or not, it does bother us. Our hair plays a big role in our life. It won’t be called the crowning glory for nothing, right? I am in my mid-thirties but my hair shows some changes. It is more brittle, rough, thinning, and white and grey hair are appearing. I wanted to have long straight hair but as it grows longer, it becomes brittle, falling and looks really dry. I am desperately looking for a ways to make my hair healthy and youthful look. And below is what I have found in the magazine.

We have to start shampooing at the roots. The main purpose of applying shampoo is to clean the scalp.   Shampoo should be applied directly to the scalp instead of our hair and massage it gently from root to tip. It helps stimulating hair growth from doing so. Brushing the hair brings out the natural oil from our hair, but we do not need to do it overly. As they say, too much is not good. I remember my grandmother and mother told me to brush my hair always to make my hair shine and grow longer. Basing from what I read, I can say that my grandmother and mother is partly right about brushing the hair. Lastly, use sun protection. Once the hair starts turning grey, it is best to use a leave-on conditioner that has sunscreen

So, the next time you went to grocery store, include buying the things that you will be needing to revive your hair.

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