My new slipper

 photo 867bd280-c946-4c51-869c-da3b35a8a909_zps2ea12627.jpgBuying slipper was not in my mind few days ago. But after seeing this cute blue slipper on display I fell in love and opted to buy it right there and then. I am not fond of color blue that much however the blue slipper I saw is really lovely. You can see in the images I have shared above why this slipper is so lovely. Though this slipper is not original, the quality is good as well. I think this is intended to thrifty shoppers like me. I have bought the same a year ago and I like it. It also lasted a year. It is durable, comfortable to wear and not heavy for my feet.

It is really great to shop at the thrifty store for I can save some because items are not that expensive. It is friendly to my budget and my wallet, so to speak. I know that a certain agency did not encourage shoppers to buy fake ones but to someone like me who is always on a tight budget, buying fake ones is not a bad decision at all. Besides, I am not buying fake items all the time. Only when I need it.

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