Finalized my list

Even though I do not have plans yet to shop this holiday season, I still have my list just in case Santa will give me money to shop. Haha! Well, I am on a tight budget and my priority for now is to have myself checked by the doctor. I am not getting any younger and I admit I have felt pains in my body particularly in my abdomen. It really bothers me that is why the money that I have saved is intended for my health. Health is Wealth as they say, so I have to think of my health above anything else.

However, an angel named Analyn (my sister) asked me if I have something that I wanted to buy this Christmas. Her CC has just arrived and she will be using it this Christmas to buy something for her family. I am so happy about it and told my sister that I have to finalize first my list and will give it to her the day before the shopping day. *wink I already have made temporary list though. I just have to let go of the least important and will be added some things to buy for my father. Yay, I am so excited! Thanks sister Analyn!

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