Shared to me her beauty skin care secret

Nessa and I have been friends since college. We seldom see each other after our graduation because we are too busy looking for job. Our communication through phone is still there and I like it. We keep in touch each other sometimes. We have not seen each other for more than a decade. I missed her company very much because she is a very nice person, easy to be with, loves to laugh and laugh at my jokes. She is a kind of a friend that you will for sure keep for life. I am glad to be one of her friends.

After more than a decade, we plan to each other. Actually, it was her idea. She just messaged me through Facebook and told me that she will treat me and Ada for dinner. Ada and I are excited because we will be able to see each other again after so many years. When I saw Nessa, I am surprised because she looks really young. Her skin is glowing and healthy. I did not able to control myself, so I asked her what’s her secret of having healthy and glowing skin. I am glad she shared it to me. I have already bought the beauty product she is using and I am hoping for a good result. Thanks Nessa for sharing.

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