The fabrics for their costumes

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Since I agreed to sew the kids’ costumes for their book parade, I told the SIL to buy the fabrics that I will be using. I instructed her of what kind of fabric she will buy, the color, and other materials needed. But instead of saying yes, she told me to buy it myself because it would be hard for her to find the one that I like. Also, she doesn’t have enough time since she is working. The timing is perfect because last Sunday I went to the city to attend the baptismal of my friend’s daughter. After the baptismal, I went to the nearest mall to buy the fabrics I will be using for the kids book parade costumes.

Looking for the fabric went easy because my older is accompanying me. We went together after the baptismal celebration. Buying fabrics is exciting because it makes me feel like a real dressmaker. I am so excited to sew even if I do not have any experience at all. Even so, I still think that I can do it because I have a little skill, the skill that I acquired from my late mother. My mother used to sew us skirts, shorts and dress when I and my older sister are little. Since I know how to draw, maybe I know how to sew a little. Good luck to me!

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