Shopping with limited time is pressured but fun

The other day, I decided to wake up early and go to the mall to buy more Christmas decorations to put on our Christmas tree. It is lonely to shop alone but still I decided to go alone since bringing any of the kids is pain in my pocket. I plan to bring my older sister with me but she is too busy to spare me some of her time especially now that she is planning for the Christmas party inside her classroom. I went shopping before fetching the nephew from school. I have an hour to do the shopping before the nephew’s dismissal.

Finding Christmas decorations on our Christmas tree is easy because I have in my mind already of what would be the color of the Christmas balls and flowers to buy. And other decorations would be assorted. With the limited time that I have I keep on watching the time so I won’t be late in fetching the nephew. Fetching him late is a nightmare I must say because it is expected that he is very dirty and sweating because he will be running in the school campus. Anyways, I am glad that I was able to buy all the Christmas decorations I needed at home. I conclude that shopping with limited time is pressured but time because it is like you’re in a race and you have to beat the time. Wink*

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