Free watch for 3,000 pesos purchase

When Christmas is approaching, there are lots of great deals, offers, sales and discounts in almost all the department stores and malls. This is to invite shoppers to buy more to grab the awesome offers. All offers are tempting and I want to grab it all, but I sad to say I cannot afford to do it. I only grab the one that is friendly to my budget and wallet. Anyways, last Sunday I went to shopping with my sister and her family. She wants me to go with them to help her pick clothes for her kids, also to look after the kids while she is fitting dresses for herself.

I was doing window shopping when I saw one great offer that Lee brand is offering. They will be giving away free wrist watch for every 3,000 purchase. It is a nice one and I like to grab it but the amount is way too high for me. The sister will be buying pants and shirts for me and told me to try look for pants and shirts at Lee’s. But I opted to look for other brand where amount is lesser. The 3,000 ($75) is way too high for me. Though it is my sister who will pay for it, but the price is just too much. Besides I still have to wrist watches at home.

Anyways, you can grab the offer that Lee brand is offering this Holiday Season. Enjoy Shopping!

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