Left the item inside the taxi cab

The sister and I went to the mall to buy some groceries items for the nephew’s birthday, also groceries for their daily use. We have five bags of groceries items. After buying the grocery items, we headed to the kitchenware to buy plastic glass and plates for the kids. Another bag added. Because we have six bags, it would be difficult to ride in the jeepney. We decided to ride in the taxi cab. The driver helps us putting the bag in the taxi cab compartment. When we reached our destination, it was my sister who unloaded the bags in the compartment and I settle the payment.

She was checking each item in the bags when she noticed that six plastic glasses are missing. She nagged at me and told me why I did not check it carefully. I told her that it was her who unloaded the bags. I thought the glasses are in the taxi cab compartment but the sister hoped that it was still in the counter area at the mall. To keep her from nagging me, I told her that I will go back to the mall the following day to ask if the bagger forgot to put the six plastic glasses in the plastic bag. After thorough checking, the glasses weren’t there. 100% the glasses was left inside the taxi cab compartment. Too bad it would be difficult to find the taxi cab. We just charged it to experience. Next time, we should be very careful with our things when riding in the public vehicle/taxi cab. Check everything before leaving.

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