Grabbed the 20% discount

Checking the things in the kitchen has become my habit. My sister used to call me the queen in the kitchen. Yes, I am the queen because I stay most of the time at the kitchen. I am the queen, the chef, the washer and the cleaner. I am not complaining because I like to cook and prepare foods for the family. Since my mother is not around anymore, no one will take care of the family and the kitchen. I used to have my older sister as my partner but when she got married she moved out of the house. My new partner now in cooking is my older brother.

Anyways, at the kitchen I was checking the glass, plates, spoon, forks and the likes. The nine pieces glass is now two pieces and the eight pieces plates is now four, etc… I am listing it down so I can tell the brother and ask for budget since he has the money. One time, I went to the mall with sister because she is buying stuffs for her sons. While she is picking t-shirts for her sons, I went to the kitchenware area. I noticed that there is 20% discounts on the brand of the plates that I like. I sent message to my brother right away because I want to grab the 20% discount. Because we do not have budget yet, we agreed to use the credit card of my sister if want. How can she say no to her siblings? Haha! I have new 12 pieces of plates now. I have it with 20% discount.   Great buy indeed!

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